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Maurice Jitty M. Villaester - Profile

Year of the Rat | Aries | ENTP - T | Millenial | Proud Filipino

Hello! I am Maurice Jitty M. Villaester, 22, a resident of Barili, Cebu, a town located 61 Km south of Cebu City, the Queen City of the South. I am currently working as a part-time instructor at Cebu Technological University - Barili Campus, handling various subjects.

A communicator by passion and an educator by profession. 

Some questions always bother me. Why are the grocery stalls arranged the way it is? What is the meaning of value? How can I influence people to behave the way I wanted them to be (in a good way, of course)? After realizing that the news media industry has no room for me, I spent many days and nights reading books, watching videos, and asking people looking for answers to these questions that seem to be out of reach. 

A fresh graduate of University of the Philippines' Mass Communication program, I am excited to showcase to the world what I really got.

In my 4 years of stay in the 4 walls of the classroom, I am equipped with skills that could help me in the fields of marketing, both offline and online, public relations, and events management. I have worked in the marketing industry as a copywriter, blogger, and social media manager for almost a year now, and I have been connected to some influential leaders in Cebu. Connecting with these leaders has improved my skills and motivates me to continuously push myself forward in this fast-paced industry.

These skills have helped me achieve what I have today, and I also make sure that I put these passions and skills to good use by supporting organizations and projects that I really care about whether it's helping the Google Developers Group community grow or teaching some basic journalism concepts in my high school.

I really wanted to become a respected broadcast journalist (or a great marketer, at least), but destiny has some other plans for me. 

I started teaching last year, and it is a bumpy yet awesome journey for me. I may be wishing for the impossible here, but I want to change the chaotic world that we are living in. Through the lessons that I will be inculcating in the hearts of my students, I know that they will be able to be ready after their graduation, face the challenges that the world will be giving to them, and start their own ways of change.


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