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The Malnourishment of Radyo Kahimsug

(Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are mine alone and it does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the company that I am connected with.)

Despite the emergence of the new media today, we can never deny the importance of mainstream media in the molding our minds. The so-called trimedia, which consists of print, radio, and television, acts as a primary source of information for us long before Facebook had given birth to Newsfeed.

On a personal note, I really wanted to become a radio personality. I always imagined myself before talking to a microphone and sharing my opinions to the public. In fact, I want to become an influencer through this medium. Despite the change of career, my love for this medium has not dwindled. I still listen to radio every morning just to get my daily dose of news bites to fuel my day-to-day activities. As a teacher, it helps me create sound judgment to issues that matter in our society.

One of my most favorite radio station in DYNE 97.5 Radyo Kahimsug. It is one of the radio stations of the National Nutrition Council that bridged the gap of misinformation in the Barili community. Intended to provide relevant news and radio programs that fight malnutrition, it has served my neighborhood for a few years now, and I believe that it has also served its purpose.

I was very proud when I was able to anchor one of its radio programs as the representative of the youth sector. Even though that it was just a very short stint, I was so euphoric when it was time for me to share some social media etiquettes that I believe every Barilinian should embody. I was very nervous during that time. I am glad that I was able to overcome these as the minutes went by. It was one of the best moments of my life.

Despite all these, I observed that it has not progressed after a few years. There are still improvements that need to be done to ensure that it will continue to serve its constituents. Since most of its listeners have moved to the internet, it also needs to keep up to maintain its relevance. Its social media page is also not updated. They should also publish some posts that could awaken the senses of its audience. In fact, they need to post something at all. The page is outdated. They need to post timely information for the readers to digest.

They should also update its radio programming. I observed that they usually have a lot of talk shows that are not related to its cause. It should take a step back and assess the quality of shows that it produces. They do not have an updated roster of informercials that could keep the listeners hooked with the station. I have observed that they usually rely on their mother station for their infomercials. They should also make sure that they can create infomercials that are tailor-fit to the taste of the Cebuano crowd because most of their commercials are in Filipino.

This article does not mean to jeopardize the reputation of our beloved radio station. In fact, I wanted to help them. I hope that I could extend a helping hand soon. :)



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