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22 Facts About Me (So Narcissistic)!

Since it's my birthday week this week, maybe it is time for me to share some part of me to you, my dear readers! I will be sharing some 22 facts about me. Prepare to be bored? Amazed? I do not know. You decide. This is the listicle that you did not ask. Lol.

1. I was born prematurely. My Mom was supposed to have her labor in May 1996, but I came early. I was born on March 28, 1996, at precisely 3:15 AM.

2. About the previous fact, I was also incubated for weeks because I was bitten by a rat because I looked like raw meat when I was young. I was also so little. I was like an 8 oz Coca-cola bottle.

3. My name (Jitty) was derived from a news anchor from a random country. That was my Mom said. I did not even bother to double-check. Lol.

4. I had kindergarten twice. In the first take of kindergarten (which took place in the city), I was 3rd place in class. I was able to take Grade 1 subjects for some few months. When my Mom decided to transfer our home again, I retook kindergarten classes in the city. It is because my Mom wanted to me be on a special Science program in the elementary school.

5. I was once considered myself as a math wizard. Charot!

6. I really wanted to become like a computer engineer before, like my biological father. But things happened.

7. I took mass communication because I want to avenge myself from the radio broadcasting judge that I had in high school.

8. I took Diploma in Professional Education because I am pabida person.

9. I never expected that I will become a teacher. Right after my partner and I finished our thesis, I looked for some marketing work, but to no avail. Then teaching work came by, so I grabbed the opportunity!

10. I did not know that UP Cebu exists until 4th-year high school. That was when I submitted my application for UPCAT.

11. Some people consider me annoying. It's true. But one incident changed me. I am not ready to share it.

12. One of my dreams is to become a school paper adviser. It came true when I handled CTU - Barili's student publication.

13. I love Big Bang Theory!

14. My Globe number is 12 years old! I bought it on November 1, 2006. :)

15. I do not really have a lot of friends. But I am okay with it.

16. Some people think that I am extrovert. I consider myself an ambivert. I also have some low points in my life.

17. I had two girlfriends in my life. It is awkward sometimes when my ex and I meet in the school's hallway.

18. I have a boyfriend of 4 years. I love him so much.

19. I was a consistent honor student since kindergarten. Humblebrag!

20. I am also a very competitive person.

21. I really wanted that Best in Religion award in elementary.

22. I hope that this year will be better!


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