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22 Facts About Me (So Narcissistic)!

Since it's my birthday week this week, maybe it is time for me to share some part of me to you, my dear readers! I will be sharing some 22 facts about me. Prepare to be bored? Amazed? I do not know. You decide. This is the listicle that you did not ask. Lol.
1. I was born prematurely. My Mom was supposed to have her labor in May 1996, but I came early. I was born on March 28, 1996, at precisely 3:15 AM.
2. About the previous fact, I was also incubated for weeks because I was bitten by a rat because I looked like raw meat when I was young. I was also so little. I was like an 8 oz Coca-cola bottle.
3. My name (Jitty) was derived from a news anchor from a random country. That was my Mom said. I did not even bother to double-check. Lol.
4. I had kindergarten twice. In the first take of kindergarten (which took place in the city), I was 3rd place in class. I was able to take Grade 1 subjects for some few months. When my Mom decided to transfer our home again, I retook kindergarten classes …

Our Battle Against Fake News

As an educator, I always make it to a point to make my students see the realities of life. In fact, I always integrate current events to my lessons to make sure that my students are active in the societal discourse. This is the reason why I ever let them research information that could help in our discussion. About this, information has become a daily staple of the modern Filipino. This is what social networking sites offer to us. It gives us information to what is happening to our neighbors, their pets, their careers, and stuff that we do not bother to care. It has brought us closer as people.
The world has become smaller, they say. Communication has also become easier. The internet has removed our borders. We can easily contact our distant relative through FB messenger. We can always call our client through Skype. We can even instantly send a funny GIF to our friend who lives miles away from us. Information can easily be acquired. And that starts a problem.
I believe we are currently…

Educational Technology: A Friend or A Foe?

With the advent of technology today, I cannot help but wonder what will happen to me if these technologies did not exist. Whether it may be mobile devices or the internet, it has made our lives easier, faster, and more convenient. We can easily communicate with our loved ones no matter where they are located in the globe. We can now do errands quicker and cheaper.
In the general sense, technology has given us more free time than our ancestors. The time that they used in handwriting their letters, we can spend it to more worthwhile activities as we did not devote most of our time on this tedious task thanks to computer's word processing software. We can now quickly look for information on the internet in just a snap of a finger. Unlike our grandparents, they need to stay in the library for hours just to watch for the information that they need. To state the obvious, we are just so goddamn lucky.
As a teacher, I really thank the invention of computers and the internet. We can now qui…

Pinoy Media Congress 2018: Converging Traditional and Digital Content for the Modern Filipino

I have spent so much time in my life watching shows that the television giant ABS-CBN has been producing. Whether it may be teleseryes or news programs, this TV network has influenced my life to the extent that I could not imagine. It played a vital role in molding the person that I am right now. It pushed me beyond my boundaries as I convinced myself to take a communication course to follow the steps of Atom Araullo and Karen Davila. Now that I am currently serving my community as an educator, I realized how television networks influence our mindsets. I am just so glad that my colleague invited me, together with my school's student journalists, to attend the 12th edition of Pinoy Media Congress. It gathers communication students, educators, and practitioners all around the country as ABS-CBN and the Philippine Association of Communication Educators has prepared some talks that discuss the current status of media and its practice today.
As a communication graduate, I am always fond …

The Malnourishment of Radyo Kahimsug

(Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are mine alone and it does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the company that I am connected with.)
Despite the emergence of the new media today, we can never deny the importance of mainstream media in the molding our minds. The so-called trimedia, which consists of print, radio, and television, acts as a primary source of information for us long before Facebook had given birth to Newsfeed.
On a personal note, I really wanted to become a radio personality. I always imagined myself before talking to a microphone and sharing my opinions to the public. In fact, I want to become an influencer through this medium. Despite the change of career, my love for this medium has not dwindled. I still listen to radio every morning just to get my daily dose of news bites to fuel my day-to-day activities. As a teacher, it helps me create sound judgment to issues that matter in our society.
One of my most favorite radio station in D…