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It's New Year, My Students, So What Now?

(Personal rant coming your way. If you don't want to read some "drama," feel free not to read this article.)

I have been a student all my life. In fact, right after I finished my degree in Mass Communication, I did not hesitate to study again to become a professional teacher. I started to take some education units in a community college located in our vicinity. As an aspiring educator, I do not want to disappoint my students. This is the reason why I really wanted to learn how to effectively and efficiently teach. Thank goodness, after a few months of teaching, some of my students say that they learned something in my classes.

As we start the new year, we will also be launching a new semester. Even though our second semester officially began last November, the students were still not in the mood for studying. As a teacher, I really expanded my patience by understanding their sentiments, because as cliche as it may sound, I was also a student before and I also had my tantrums (and sometimes, laziness).

So yeah. What should I expect from my students? What should they expect from me?

To my students:

1. Please arrive to class on time (again, please).

As much as I want to continue sleeping soundly on a freezing morning, I need to wake up because of classes. I need to be at school before 8 to prepare for the things that need to be ready (aka myself).
With this, please also respect my time. Please come to class early so we could finish it early. Do you want that or do you want me to whine in class again?
Also, this is an excellent exercise in getting up early. When you are working, you also need to get up early, so please practice as early as now.

2. Please exert some effort in our classes.

This. I just want to reiterate this. Sometimes, I feel that my students just don't give a damn about our classes. When I give you some assignments, you tend to, you know, copy your classmates' wrong answers. And again, you do not even care if you have not changed the font of the work. Trust me, I know when you feel lazy.

3. Please do not cheat.

This is also related to the previous point. As much as I want to give you a big grade, I just can't. You need to work for it. You need to study to have the grade that you deserve. Cheating does not count, okay? Always remember that. If you cheat, please do expect some grave consequences, as you know, me ruining your future. ;)

Again, please do not cheat.

As promised, here are the things I will do this year for you, my students.

1. I will be more understanding and open-minded.

Sometimes, I feel that I am the superior in our classes. I feel like that you, my students, should keep up with my mind. This year, that kind of mentality will be over. I will make sure that the discourse in our class will be freer and more enjoyable. Speaking of this...

2. I will be more "jamming."

As a teacher, I need to be more connected to my students. I will be initiating some activities that are more engaging to you. Please help me!

3. I will make our classes more enjoyable.

I know that some students tend to be absent in their classes because of, you know, boredom. I will indeed do my best to make sure that our classes will be more engaging to you. More great lessons. More awesome topics! More friendships!


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