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The Start of Something Not Really That New

Maybe this year, I will be able to fulfill this promise. Maybe. Just maybe.

Some people say that I am a quitter, and yes, I cannot just argue because it is true. I have joined a lot of organizations way back in college, then I just leave when I want to. Various reasons arose in my mind when I quit. I was busy doing some paper works on a subject. I did not also feel that I belong to the organization. I could not keep up with the activities of the group to the point that it makes me feel terribly sick. I know it is just wrong to keep the people hanging, but what should I do? I was young, wild, and free. I did not understand the consequences of the things that I have done to my future.

Last year, I started a blog named Yanong Bisdak. Some people said that it is just a rip off to my boyfriend's blog Basta Bisaya. Maybe? As a writer, I am still finding my place in the writing scene. I even do not know what to write. In fact, I still do not know how to write well. I admit that I am not really an innate writer. I just developed my love of writing as the time went by.

Maybe, I am writing because I have nowhere to go to? To be honest, I just do not know the answer. I know that I am not a very good writer, but they say that if I keep on writing, it will really improve my craft. Also, I am teaching a writing class this year. It is just right for my students to see their teacher writing. I can be an inspiration to them as they do their writing assignments in our class. I could also learn from them and write our experiences on this blog.

This year, I will do my best to complete my unfinished task. I will make my younger self-proud by publishing content on this blog. Aside from the fact that I will not be paying P500 in the culminating activity, I believe that it will be just so satisfying to see your blog having a lot of content. I may be a neophyte blogger, but I know that I can do better this year.

I just also want to emphasize that the future contents of this blog shall not and will not reflect the views and opinions of the institutions that I belong. I am planning to write anything and everything under the sun. It may be my random rants and ideas about certain things, but you know, that is the point of a blog, isn't it? I am tired of being a lifestyle blogger (as if naman) last year. Maybe I am not just fit for being that kind of writer. I will write what I want. As cliche as it may sound, but I want to write to express, and not to impress. I have been teaching students this concept yet I am not practicing it myself, so let me correct my wrongdoings.

I just want to be as informal as possible. Please do not expect some formal writings on this blog. I will do my best to express here. Lol.

So yeah, please be a lamb and help me complete this 52-week challenge! Let's finish this challenge together! :)


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